A traveler’s journey along the Caribbean coast of Colombia in 2016, displayed the water crisis in a way that would change the life of any outsider. Children, whole families, even whole communities went without access to clean water for days. Townspeople were having to trek miles uphill just to find water to drink or cook with. This hardship is something many of us have heard of, but have never experienced or seen.

Confronted by the realities of the water crisis, co-founders Markeda Shorter (29) and Jaime Vargas (29) set out to create a for-profit business with the mission of helping to end the global water crisis.

After over a year of development and research, they created a collection of products that were altogether impactful, high-quality, ethically sourced and sustainably made. For every watch sold, Water Watch Company has promised to provide clean water to one individual in the developing world, for life. And for every accessory sold, 10% of the proceeds give clean water, hygiene and sanitation education to those who need it most.

Since 2018 the Water Watch Company community has donated over 120 million gallons of clean water to communities in need, all over the world. Inspired by humanity and community, WWC has dedicated their journey to designing products with integrity and changing lives, for good.